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Character Details:

Read below to find out what each specific character or category includes!​

Princess Birthday Party

Includes all "Princess" Characters

 Nothing says "royal celebration" like having a princess at your party!




-Royal Entrance at your location

-Story time and sing along

-Royal Training

-Coronation Ceremony including keepsake crown for the birthday child and special party favor for everyone! 

-Royal “makeovers”

-Pose for photos 

Wonderland Birthday

Part of our "Whimsical" Characters

Go down the rabbit hole to Wonderland!

-Wonderland Arrival at your location 

-Story Time

-Sing Along 

-Very Merry Birthday Activities

-Coronation Ceremony with Keepsake

-Makeover (Full Party Only)

-“Pixie Dust” Ceremony

-Pose for photos



Pink Doll Party

Part of our "Whimsical" Characters

Rock out and show your passion for fashion!

-Rockin' Arrival at your location 

-Sing Along

-Fashion Show with party favor(Full Party Only)

-Coronation with Keepsake

-Makeovers (Full Party Only)

-Glitterfy Ceremony

-Pose for photos


Galactic Get Together

Includes all "Galaxy Hero" Characters

 May the force be with you as you celebrate your out of this world party!

-Landing in! Arrival at your location.


-Space Hero training 

-Master Space Knight Craft (Full Party Only)

-Galaxy Master Ceremony with Keepsake 

-Special Party Favors (Full Party Only)

-“Stardust” ceremony 

-Pose for photos 

Action Hero Party

Includes all "Action Hero" Characters

No need to fear! A hero is near for your super-celebration!

-Grand Entrance at your location 


-Hero Training 

-Create Your Hero Craft (Full Party Only)

-True Hero Ceremony with Keepsake

-Special Party Favors (Full Party Only)

-Pose for photos 

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